Betty Jo Byolowski's in Winona, Minnesota
The History of Betty Jo Byoloskis

Betty Jos at 66 Center Street - Winona, MN
Betty Jo was not one of Winona’s Turn of the Century Second Street madames but one of the characters on the Old Fireside Radio Show more than five decades ago. She was one of the characters along with Rocky Rococo and Nick Danger.

The first Betty Jo’s was opened in the Mid 1970’s in Downtown Minneapolis and closed in 1977. It was reopened in Winona at 757 East 5th in the Old Country County. It flourished until 1980 when it was sold. Betty Jo’s laid dormant until December 1999 when it was reestablished in the old God Father’s Pizza building here at 66 Center. On January 8, 2001 a fire severely damaged Betty Jo’s and the apartments above. Betty Jo’s rebuilt bigger and better than ever. We offer a full service menu with home made soups, noon lunch specials, award winning chili, Winona’s biggest and best burgers, largest selection of import beers and adult and kids menu. All available at Winona’s most unusual theme restaurant and bar.

Please enjoy . . . your host is Paul Kintzle.